What is a Girly Girl?

A girly girl is someone who whole-heartedly embraces her femininity, without sacrificing her personality or strength. She cares about her behavior, style and appearance, but is never self-centered or mean. She is someone other girls look up to and want to be friends with. Being a girly girl is a personal choice, and no one should pressure you to act in any way you are uncomfortable; however, if this is the attitude and look that you are going for, all you need to do is cultivate the right behavior and appearance.  Girly Girls are all ages from 10 to 110 years old. 

How to behave like a Girly Girl

  • Girly Girls smile a lot and are very gracious.
  • Girly Girls have a nice personality
  • Girly Girls are pleasant, sweet, modest and rarely in a bad mood.  
  • Girly Girls are romantic and love romance novels and love songs.
  • Girly Girls love the music from their generation.
  • Girly Girls love the mall, shopping and anything associated with beauty.
  • Girly Girls love girlfriends.
  • Girly Girls do not swear or use words that are hurtful to others.
  • Girly Girls speak well and not too loud.
  • Keeping a diary is the ultimate Girly Girl activity.
  • Girly Girls are organized and remember friends birthdays.
  • Girly Girls are diligent and hard-working both at school and in their jobs
  • Girly Girls do not let themselves get pushed around by others.
  • Girly Girls like fashion and gossip magazines.

Maintaining you Girly Girl Appearance

  • Girly Girls take care of their skin. They wash their face twice a day with a mild cleanser, moisturize their skin and always remove their make up before bed. They wear sunscreen every day, even if it's cloudy, overcast or rainy, because they know UV rays can still damage their skin.
  • Girly Girls wear some make up and know that a little make up can help to accentuate their best features and highlight their femininity.
  • Girly Girls shower and smell good.
  • Girly Girls take care of their nails.
  • Girly Girls are known for their great hair so make sure you wash it frequently.
  • Girly Girls eat healthy and exercise.
  • Girly Girls take care of their teeth.
  • Girly Girls get enough beauty sleep.

Things A Girly Girl Needs

 Girly Girl Cosmetics
  • Flat irons, hot rollers, Barrel curlers, ringlet curlers, and crimpers
  • Gum, breath mints, a small pretty bottle of hand sanitizer, and a travel-size bottle of lotion
  • Handheld mirror
  • Fold up brush for those bad hair days
  • A purse filled with face powder, mascara, and gloss/balm
  • Travel-size body spray for when you forget to put it on or need a touch-up
  • Personal girl stuff like tampons, pads, etc.
  • Friends (for support)
  • Cute workout clothing
  • Makeup wipes (for makeup disasters)
  • Cute passionate shoes

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