Metal Pedal Cars and Tin Toy Airplanes

Metal Pedal Cars and Tin Toy Airplanes

Young toddler firefighters will love to ride around on their very own fire truck. The vibrant red-colored steel body and detailed chrome accents make this ride-on even more authentic. Features a horn, a working steering column, plastic fenders, and rubber tires for real emergency response action| 29.5 inches long.  Weight limit 42 pounds

A metal toddler ride on toy with the colors and graphics of a race car. Features detailed chrome accents, working steering column and rubber tires. Assembly required. 42 pound weight limit 

The speedster has a vibrant colored steel body, detailed chrome accents, and features a working horn, steering column, plastic fenders and rubber tires. Assembly required. Measures 29" long.  Schylling's Metal Speedster is a beautiful ride-on for your toddler! It is bright yellow with a red flame, remeniscent of hot rods in an earlier era. It has a steel body, with detailed chrome accents.  Perfect for that special 1 to 3 year old! Weight should not exceed 42 lbs.  View More Schylling Toys

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Collecting Tinplate Toy Cars  :  The type of toy, maker, size and date all count towards value.  Toys by major names will always attract a strong following.  If the toy is early hand-painted, it will usually be desirable.  Large ships, early cars, zeppelins and planes are among the most valuable.  From the post war period, large robots are generally the most valuable and desirable. 


Also consider the novelty toys such as clockwork moving figurines.  Many have been reproduced today so check the colors against reference books and handle as much tinplate as possible to learn how to recognize originals.  Extra details, such as opening doors on cars, will usually add desirabiliity.  Beware of rust as this is nearly impossible to restore.

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