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Back To School Makeover

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Be your best this "Back to School" season and try a fresh new look. You're a year older, and wiser, so why not experiment with make-up? You may be new at using make-up, you may be the envy of your friends in how you wear color, or you may just want some new tips. I can assure you that you'll gain a great deal of insight and information by reading our newsletters and we'll have some fun too. So get ready for school by adding the colorful accessory of make-up to your wardrobe. For teenagers and college age girls, simple, minimal make-up is best. Apply a rosy blush to your cheeks, lip-gloss to your lips, and mascara to your lashes. For what's hot, read fashion magazines and see what the models your age are wearing.

I love natural! It`s also the trend. Skip Foundation (you shouldn`t need it), for those days when a pimple may appear find a concealer that matches your skin tone. Lip gloss in a pink shade is natural, very light pink blush if necessary and an eye cream in a light brown (Marron by Colosé) eye shadow is best. Mascara should be brown in color, not black-that`s for more drama. Either avoid eyeliner or use it sparingly. Think of eyeliner as an extension of your eyelashes. That is its purpose, to make your eyes stand out. Eyeliner must be shaded with eye shadow and this requires more make-up. Eyeliner should match the color of the Mascara.

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