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Decide what you want to collect

Michigan sports memorabilia can include photos, trading cards, jerseys, helmets, balls, bats, and other sports equipment that is directly associated with an athlete, team, sporting event, or sporting venue. These items can be autographed or not. Instead of trying to collect everything you can get your hands on, you may want to focus your efforts on one particular sport, team, athlete or type of item.  One this blog page we are going to focus on Michigan Football however the information and tips can apply to any team or sport.

The Michigan Wolverines is the official athletics program for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Known for their dominance in both basketball and football, Michigan is widely regarded to as one of the most popular and successful college sports programs in the country. First taking the football field in 1879 and basketball court in 1908, Michigan has the largest stadium in the country in The Big House and one of the loudest arenas with the Crisler Center.

Throughout their incredibly storied history on the field, the Michigan Wolverines football team has been one of the most successful in all of college sports. Michigan has produced an outstanding 78 All-Americans, won 42 conference titles, and took home 11 national champion victories over the last 130 years of play. An incredible amount of football legends wore the maize and gold throughout their playing days, like College Football Hall of Famers Desmond Howard and Jim Mandich. Some of the biggest names in the NFL today also called the Big House home in college, like Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson.

Figure out your price range

Determine a budget for yourself, keeping in mind that you’ll need frames or display cases as well as the items themselves. Having a budget will help you narrow your search; after all, there’s no need to look at signed Charles Woodson gear if you’re working with limited funds.

For example you could buy a Charles Woodson"Heisman 1997" Signed Michigan Jersey UDA Upper Deck COA verses one for decorating purpose that has no logos, no patches, no emblems.  The jersey could be a novelty and not sold by the team.  

Join a sports memorabilia forum, or sports blog dedicated to collecting

If you’re new to collecting sports memorabilia, you may want to join a forum or blog dedicated to collecting these types of items. That’s a good way to gather insights, connect with other collectors, and talk to people who share your passion and can help you build a collection of your own, the right way.

Make sure you love it, because it might not appreciate in value

Not every piece of sports memorabilia will go up in value over time. Many collectors buy items simply for the love of having those special pieces in their possession. Even if you are collecting as an investment, make sure you’re buying pieces that you have a passion for or a connection to – in case they don’t end up being worth more than you paid for them.

Protect your collectibles

To make sure your sports memorabilia stays in good condition, protect it by placing each piece in a quality display case or frame. Acrylic cases are popular because they are cheaper than glass, less likely to break, and offer the added benefit of UV protection. If you are framing a piece, use a professional framer who specializes in sports collectibles and uses acid-free materials. Keep your items away from direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting so they don’t fade,  and maintain constant temperature and humidity levels.

Be sure to check out yard sales, flea markets, or antique stores and make sure you know what you’re buying before you buy. 

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