Golf Club Spring Tune-Up

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Spring training for your golf game 

by Tony Porter

Are you and your golf game ready to kick off the new golf season? It’s just about here you know, so let me give you a primer on a few things you’ll need to think about.
Before bringing your clubs out for a new season, give them a good once over to check for issues that could affect your game.

Golf Club, Golf Ball, and Golf Glove

Club Heads

Inspect your club heads for scratches, nicks, dents, rust and worn spots. These problems are best dealt with right away before it gets out of hand. Also, remember to examine the face of your woods for cracks because any imperfections here will lead to imperfect shots on the course. Rattling in club heads are caused by loose weights in the shaft or epoxy that has broken loose and this can be repaired quickly and inexpensively. While it may not affect the playability of your club – it can be distracting when you swing.

Grip Check

Check your grips for wear and tear. Cracking or spots that are smooth, shiny, or worn are signs that it is time for a grip replacement. Regular players should replace their grips once a year. Re-gripping can make a huge difference in the level of enjoyment you experience during your game.


Examine your steel shafts for dents or rusting because this can lead to breakage during your game. Any imperfections here could mean that the shaft should be replaced.

If you play with graphite shafts, look for fraying or peeling where the shaft enters the head of the club. The shaft may need replacing if there is excessive wear at any point in the shaft. The most common place for wear is the spot where the shaft rests against the carrying bag.


Are your loft and lie angles correct? A minor change in the lie angle of any club can greatly affect the accuracy of your shot. Many experts recommend that you have your club specs checked twice a year. This is definitely worth the effort and the small expense when done by a qualified professional. You will be amazed at the ease for more consistent shots by these small adjustments.

Be a wise golfer and check your equipment regularly. Knowing that your equipment is in good shape will put you a step ahead of your competition when you step on the first tee this season. The best players in the game are constantly upgrading the performance of their equipment. Doing so on a regular basis will help you do just the same.

Spring Tune-Up Package $60.00 (tax included)

  • Provide grip fitting analysis and recommendations
  • Inspect shafts for damage and corrosion
  • Inspect condition of ferrules
  • Thorough cleaning

To book your tune-up, call Tony Porter at (705) 761 – 3836 

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