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Art Glass Home Decor
Home decor and collectible art glass perfect to enrich areas within your home with this reflective and whimsy art glass ideas

Decorating your home with art glass is a popular and economical solution to home decor.  Because art glass is used to make many types of items, it can be featured throughout the house. Obvious areas naturally include the kitchen and formal dining room, but even living rooms and bedrooms may feature various pieces. Like any collectible, you want to showcase these items with care. Rare pieces may even be kept behind glass and seldom used but for special occasions. However, glass is useful as it is collectible, and part of the charm of glass is to use it - somehow a beverage tastes better when sipped through amberina, for example.

Amberina is the name of a type two-toned glassware, which was originally made from 1883 to about 1900