Dolls | A Sister's Love Child And Baby Doll Set Ashton Drake Baby Dolls

Dolls | A Sister's Love Child And Baby Doll Set Ashton Drake Baby Dolls

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A Sister's Love Child And Baby Doll Set
Limited-edition Signature Edition poseable doll set by Waltraud Hanl, handcrafted with RealTouch® vinyl skin and come in a 7-piece ensemble.

Big Sister measures appoximately 24" H; Little Sister measures 13"

From The Ashton-Drake Galleries

"Can I hold her mommy?" the little girl asks, "Please? I'll be very careful!" How can you resist such a plea, especially since your daughters are wearing matching outfits Grandma made as a homecoming gift? You lay the newest family member in her big sisters lap, and grab the camera just as she kisses her little sister's forehead. What a treasured portrait of a lifelong relationship. This loving sentimental moment is the inspiration for our A Sister's Love Child And Baby Doll Set, a limited-edition So Truly Real® Signature Edition exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries.

Meet the two most adorable sisters you will ever lay eyes on with this special doll set by Master Doll Artist Waltraud Hanl. These realistic poseable baby dolls are handcrafted in RealTouch® vinyl to be as soft and lifelike as possible. The sisters even share the same pretty facial features, from cute button noses to the shape of their bright sparkling eyes. The complementary tones to the hand-applied hair on the baby suggests her wispy locks will darken to her sister's silky brown as she gets older. And to make their bond even more special, these sisters wear delightful hand-finished outfits - a 7-piece ensemble. Big sister is decked out in a pink-and-white dress emblazoned with the words "Big Sister" while her newborn sister sports matching fabric with the words "Little Sister." And look closely: the tiny green ribbons on the baby's sleeve match the broad hem on her sister's dress, her hair bow and the ribbons on her white leggings. Your A Sister's Love baby doll set arrives with Signature Edition doll stamps and a costume tag to ensure their authenticity.

  Fine adult collectible, not intended for children under 14.


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