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How To Un Sqwoosh Your J. B. Bean and Associates

Yes, we do look like we got hit by a Mack Truck, don't we? ...But if you spent two months in a bag, in a box with 12 of your relatives (Remember that trip to Disneyworld in that Winnebago???) You'd have to comb your hair when you got out too!!!

General Tips

  1. Unbox your little guy.
  2. Pull his ears up and press his nose down hard, flat against his chin. J. B.'s designer has meant the face to be able to be shaped...long and thin, fat and wide...Whatever expression you want..but the weight of the "Bean" filling compresses their little faces too much. So take the face and sqwoosh it around to form the shape you like...just as if it was made out of clay.
  3. BRUSH his fur...The weight of the beans also compresses our "Distressed Antique Style Fur". All you have to do is get a regular hairbrush (or a dog brush works great) and brush his (or her) fur in the opposite direction from which it "grows". This will give you a fluffy little animal. OR BLOW...our experts tell us that 3 minutes of blow drying with a hair dryer on hot is worth 10 minutes of brushing.
  4. Work the beans around in his arms and legs. If you want an elbow joint, force the beans out of the elbow so it can bend. You can then pose him in all different positions.
  5. Joints, if any of the joints are tight, it is because we double reinforce them...hold at the joint and move them and they'll loosen up.
  6. Archive Series - Twisted Arms? Just twist em back!
  7. Mustiness...remember that trip? Any mustiness will air out in a day or two...this comes from being shipped in water tight containers where no air can circulate.
  8. Eyes - some customers don't like not seeing the eyes and don't like the hair over them. They prefer the more toy-like wide eye plush look. While we prefer the hair over the eyes sleepy look...So: Just rub your fingers around the eyeball and that will clear the hair off the eye or take a nail scissors and trim the hair around the eyes to your liking. This is true for any excess hair you don't like...around the nose, mouth, muzzle etc.
The main idea is to have fun with the animal.
The Head Bean