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Bren New York Color Correctors
Bren New York Color Corrector

This soft formula counteracts flaws and evens out the skin. Apply after moisturizer and before foundation. Neutralize" any imperfections mint neutralizes redness. Alabaster covers dark circles on warm skin tones and can also be used as a highlighter. Lavender offsets a yellowish complexion and covers sallowness. Pink highlights all skin tones. Lite, Lite Beige, Medium Beige, and Dark are to match skin tone.  

Alabaster Alabaster corrector works to cover dark circles on warm skin tones. Our cream formula also hides imperfections, evens out skin tones and covers blemishes. 

Pink - These carnation-hued concealers and primers are meant to add brightness and life to dull skin. This works particularly well when you've pulled an all-nighter or—let's be honest—had a little too much drink. Your skin looks dehydrated and ashen. These perk it right up with rosiness. Many eye brighteners are also a pale pink.

Yellow - Yellow correctors are by far, the most versatile. Even though yellow is actually opposite purple on the color wheel, it does an excellent job at neutralizing redness. I've seen a yellow primer entirely cancel out redness on someone's skin before a drop of foundation is applied. Because some dark circles are truly purple, rather than blue, use a yellow corrector to neutralize the darkness so you can use less product. Yellow corrector also makes an awesome under eye highlight when highlighting and contouring.

Mint Green - Green concealers and primers have long been used to cancel out redness. Green is helpful to cancel out redness in a blemish. Also, the primers are truly amazing on rosacea or severe redness. If you have mild-to-moderate redness, you're better off with a yellow primer.

Special Corrector These apricot concealers and primers combat blueness and overall darkness, whether it be post-blemish marks, dark under eye circles, veins, shadows or bruises. Most people can cancel out a great deal of under eye darkness with a salmon-toned concealer. African American skin tones will want to go for almost a pure orange.

Lavender - Perhaps the least-used of all, lavender concealers and primers are used to counteract sallowness and yellow skin tones. However, if you have a very yellow skin tone you may never wanted to cancel that out. If you are of Asian, Hispanic, or Mediterranean descent, you shouldn't feel tempted to de-yellow yourself. If your yellow tone bothers you, by all means make lilac your friend.  Use lavender to cancel out the warmth in your eye area and on the lids so a shadow's true colors will come through.

Dark - Dark correctors can cast a shadow on imperfections and also create a more oval face.