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Eye Shadow Makeup
Eye Shadows

Cream Eye Shadow - A highly-pigmented eye shadow that glides on smooth and dries instantly for a beautiful finish. Advanced formula is waterproof, creaseless and long wearing. 

Eye Shadow Singles, DuetsTrios and Quads  - Velvety powder shadows that can be used wet or dry for a range of effects. 

Eye Shadow Singles

Eye Shadow Duets

Eye Shadow Trios

Eye Shadow Quads

Eye Shadow - Oil free pressed eye shadow that is triple milled for the silkiest texture. 

Eye Shadow Cream Pencils - The color is long-lasting and blends well. Contains Mica, a natural white pearly pigment powder to achieve "the best look". 

Mineral Eye Shadow - formulated from the finest natural minerals to achieve the perfect look. So versatile it can be used dry for a natural look or wet to intensify the color.

Eye Shadow Base - Keep eye shadow from creasing with this light textured creme shadow base that diminishes fine lines and neutralizes eyelids.

Eye Shadow Recommends:

Eye shadow for blue eyes and blonde hair - For blue eyes and blond hair the best looking eye shadow colors are neutral tones during the day and purple hue's for night. 

Eye shadow for brown eyes  - Brown eyes look great in blue and pink tones as well as golds and burnt oranges. The intensity of color you wear depends on your skin tone.