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Eyebrow Makeup and Accessories
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Eyebrows are everything right now.  Get them in shape and raise a few brows.  Bren New York Cosmetics - Eyebrow collection includes everything you'll need to even become a professional brow stylest!

Brush On Eyebrow Powder - Easy to use color match shades come in a convenient to carry compact. Eyebrow shading powders are specially formulated for long day wear.  

Eyebrow Pencils - Perfect for eyebrow shaping and shading! Colors glide on smooth and precise.

Compact Cream  -  Specially developed for day-long wear, the Multi Compact Cream enhances the eyebrows to give them a perfect but natural-looking shape.

Brow Fix - Clear gel perfectly fixes eyebrows and holds them in place without being sticky or flakey!

Brow Stencils - A great idea for the artistically challenged! Three reusable stencil designs to create the look you want again and again.

Eyebrow Makeup

Tip:  Properly groomed and shaped eyebrows help enhance and add expression to the face. When filling in eyebrows, you can also use eye shadow for a more natural look.

Brow sealer gel,  Brow Fix,  is a great way to keep your brows exactly where you want them. When using brow gels brush the eyebrow straight up and then using the tip of the brush sculpt your brow into place.

To make tweezing your eyebrows easier, do it immediately after taking a shower, or apply a hot washcloth beforehand. This will loosen your hair follicles.

Plucking Brows: When plucking your eyebrows use slanted tweezers and pluck in a diagonal direction. Most important to remember is to always pluck from below the brow never from above.