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Liquid Foundation
Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is best for a 'natural look' makeup and is most commonly used by women for daily purposes. It is easy to apply and is not easily visible. It comes in oil-based formulas for people with dry to normal skin and water-based formulas for people with oily skin. It is very important to match the foundation to your natural face complexion and skin tone.  

Aloe Foundation - Aloe Vera based foundation is a perfect combination of skincare and cosmetics in one. It is hydrating, youth-enhancing and dewy. The formula is easily blended and glides on smoothly over the most dehydrated skin!  It is an ideal foundation for anti-aging as well as for young problematic skin that is prone to acne, oily skin, and mature skin for its stimulation of collagen production.  Aloe Vera can reduce inflammation, and accelerate wound healing. It will minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti-Aging Foundation - Contains a unique blend of ingredients to counteract the effects of time. Duo-Peptides help reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. NutriLayer is a breakthrough natural extract that helps the skin retain its original moisture level. Anti-Oxidants help protect the skin from free radical damage. 

CoQ10 Foundation - Get an instant face-lift!  It contains Co-Enzyme Q10, an anti-aging ingredient that will minimize fine lines, smooth out wrinkles, and leave skin feeling youthful and luminous. It provides a medium to a full matte finish.

Perfect Finish Foundation - The ultimate water-based liquid foundation!  This new oil-free liquid foundation contains soft-focus powders that make the skin look and feel natural and flawless. SPF 15 and potent anti-oxidants Vitamins A, C, & E help protect skin from free radicals and other environmental damage. It provides light to medium coverage and is recommended for all skin types.

Pure Performance Liquid FoundationA lightweight, oil-free foundation that feels super light on the skin! It feels like you are not wearing makeup and is an excellent foundation for an active lifestyle.  The foundation provides perfect light to medium coverage with a natural finish.  30 ml ~ Made In USA