Lladro Porcelain Figurine Cinderella's Arrival

Lladro Porcelain Figurine Cinderella's Arrival

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  • LLADRO LIMITED EDITION: Designed and handmade in Spain by sculptor Francisco Polope, Stunning details and measuring 116 cm long is one of Lladro biggest pieces yet undertaken.
  • HAND CRAFTED WORK OF ART: This piece, one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken by the artists of the City of Porcelain, marks a milestone in the work of Lladró. In a display of artistic and technical virtuosity, even the tiniest detail imagined by Perrault has been recreated: the horses reins are gold-plated while the harnesses are embellished with zircon and the inside of the carriage is profusely decorated. Luxury, magic and dreams all come together in a creation.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY PORCELAIN: princess sculpture of Cinderella and her carriage, decorated with handmade gloss finish porcelain flowers
  • FREE SHIPPING & INCLUDED INSURANCE: Offical Lladró guarantee and exclusive no breakage insurance included for your complete peace of mind.


Details: Lladro most famous creations are its porcelains with soft coloring and smooth finish which have seduced millions of people over the decades. A Lladro piece can be the perfect expression of love, gratitude, celebration or admiration. The variety of styles and themes of our creations ensures a unique gift for any occasion.



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