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FIBA Dolls From Italy

Bambola is the Italian word for "Dolls"

 Beautiful rare dolls from Italy. They are from The FIBA Collection, one of the most respected names in the doll world. FIBA dolls are the result of the work of experts in every stage of creation. Designed clothes from head to toe, real leather shoes, careful attention to details.  FIBA joints insure mobility of all the parts allowing the head and arms to be posed in a variety of positions. Make up that is hand applied and tones that are carefully chosen to compliment the individual doll. The upper and lower body of the dolls are put together by experts in that particular job. The dolls are in excellent condition, carefully cared for and preserved. The dolls are sure to add value and class to your collection.  Features stand out as well as their high quality craftsmanship. The dolls comes in their own box. Our FIBA dolls were purchased for our store inventory some years ago.  They have been in storage, never sold or pre-owned.