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Armani Figurines
Armani Figurines

Giuseppe Armani was born in Calci, Italy, in 1935. From the moment young 'Bebe' could pick up a pencil, he drew. He drew everything he saw. He drew everyone he knew. He drew all day long. Armani's parents were amazed at Giuseppe's prodigious output and they recognized that their little boy's sketches were more than just the whimsical drawings of most children.

Frequently Asked Questions:
My uncle recently died and was a collector of Armani Art. We found a piece in his home that we are very interested in and have no idea of the value. Can you help me? 337/C 92 Of 3000 1973. Other People have told me to look in the secondary market but I have no idea what to do or where to look. Doug

Armani Figurines Spring MorningThe piece is called Spring Morning - lady dressed in black gown leaning on a pedestal that has a bird, white dove on it. The figurine is no longer available. The current market trend for this figurine would be approximately $400 to $600.
There are currently four on eBay varying in price from $425 to $650.