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How to pick the right golf bag for you

Walk or Ride: There are several different types of bags out there: stand bags, cart bags, staff bags, Sunday bags, hybrid bags. All kinds. The bags address different needs. If you love to walk when you play golf, then you're looking at a stand bag as a standard option, a Sunday bag for a super-lightweight easy option or a hybrid bag that has more space and store but still has a stand and a good strap to help you carry it. If you pretty much only ride in a cart and tend to play at just one place or club, then a cart bag or a staff bag is more likely your category of choice. However, if you carry a staff bag, you better be a scratch golfer. No one likes playing with someone who stinks and has a staff bag, particularly with their name on it.

Club Dividers and Pockets: Golf bag makers keep your clubs from smashing against one another in myriad ways. Many use full-length dividers to separate multiple pockets of a golf bag. Some use full-length individual dividers, particularly on cart bags. Some bags have five divider pockets. Some have three. Just make sure you feel comfortable with all of your clubs in the bag. Typically, one pocket for woods and one pocket for short irons is good, with two pockets in the middle for the middle and long irons.

Comfortable Strap: If you're carrying a golf bag, it has to feel comfortable. That starts with a wide, well-padded strap with plenty of room to adjust to fit your body type. The straps should adjust enough so that the bag sits square on your shoulders with a slight lean to keep your clubs in the bag. If they don't feel comfortable pressing into your shoulders with a full load, don't bother.

Weight: Some golfers love to carry their bags and walk, but they can't if the bag is too heavy. Most modern golf bags shed as much weight as they can while retaining their sturdiness. However, some golf bags are lighter than others, getting as low as 3 lbs. in some cases. If you need a bag that light, then expect to have perhaps fewer pockets and storage options. After all, the point of a light golf bag is keeping is light. Don't muddy it up with a bunch of stuff that just tacks on weight. Lighter bags are less likely to stand up over time, so you're trading some durability for comfort.  by Golf News Net.