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Most of us can recall the time in our childhoods where spinning in circles and falling to the ground in a dizzied haze was a great game. But dizziness is not always fun, especially when it is completely unexpected and without obvious cause. Dizziness is an umbrella term used to describe a number of sensations such lightheadedness, wooziness, unsteadiness and disorientation. There are also different types of dizziness such as the sensation of the room spinning (vertigo), the feeling of being off balance (disequilibrium) and feeling faint (pre-syncope).

 Dizziness and Balance  


Homeopathic medicine for nausea and vomiting caused by car, boat or plane travel

Safe For: Adults & Children 1+


Homeopathic medicine for inner ear imbalance and dizziness

Safe For: All Ages

 QueaseX Anti Nausea Drops

Homeopathic medicine for symptoms of upset stomach including nausea and vomiting

Safe For: All Ages


Herbal tea promotes balance and stability and helps settle stomachs

Safe For: Adults & Children 2+