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Mood swings are characterized by a drastic change in emotion from one side of the spectrum to the other. If one moment someone is contentedly going about their daily tasks, and the next moment is suddenly upset, irritated or downright hostile, they may suffer from mood swings. 

 Mood and Tension  


Herbal calming supplement for naturally soothed nerves and a relaxed mood



Herbal supplement for a naturally calm mood and emotional health, with kava, passion flower & St. John's wort


Herbal supplement, with kava, for a calm mood

Valerian Supplement

Herbal supplement that may support feelings of insomnia, anxiety and/or restlessness

 St. John’s Wort Supplement

Herbal supplement that promotes a positive mood

 Kava Root Supplement

Natural herbal supplement that promotes calm and relaxation

Balance EssentialsPack

Lavender (French) Essential Oil + Eucalyptus Essential Oil + MindSoothe™


Herbal tea helps to encourage a joyful attitude and uplift the spirit


Herbal tea naturally
promotes inner calm

SocialFear Relief

Homeopathic medicine for social fear due to shyness, stage fright and public speaking





Herbal supplement for a balanced mood


 Blood Pressure Balance ComboPack

Homeopathic medicine Triple Complex Calm Tonic™ for symptoms of occasional anxiety + Herbal supplement High-Rite™ for blood pressure and cardiovascular health


Homeopathic medicine for control of mood swings, including manic excitability and irritability


Herbal supplement for balance and calm in the body’s response to stress


Homeopathic medicine for anger and temper outbursts

K-OK Kiddie Calmer

Homeopathic medicine for shyness, nervousness and separation issues in children

Tula Tantrum Tamer

Homeopathic medicine for tempers, tantrums and restlessness in children

 SocialFear Relief

Homeopathic medicine for social fear due to shyness, stage fright and public speaking

PureCalm Uses: Promotes feelings of relaxation and calm to maintain harmony, health and systemic balance in the brain and nervous system* For More Information or to Buy Now

  • Leading natural calming remedy for managing everyday worries
  • Soothes fear and nerves, helping maintain a positive outlook
  • Balances emotions and helps to soothe apprehension
  • Promotes calm during times of high pressure, stress and nervous tension
  • Helps alleviate physical manifestations of stress on the body
  • Supports healthy feelings of well-being
  • Promotes harmony in the brain and nervous system

ZenX™ Uses: Soothes emotional upsets such as stress, sleeplessness and restlessness* For More Information or to Buy Now

  • Promotes calmness with kava, passion flower, and St. John's wort
  • Supports emotional health
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Soothes feelings of stress and restlessness
  • Supports healthy feelings of well-being

PanicSoothe Uses: Supports a calm, carefree state*  For More Information or to Buy Now

  • Supports soothed nerves with kava, passion flower, and lobelia
  • Supports emotional health
  • Supports a calm mood

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