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Home decor is light and lively this year. Mix your antiques with contemporary styles for a great match up

The look is light and lively this year. Gone are the days of dark rooms, heavy drapes and two color combinations. Get started now on decorating your home! In are light rooms with lots of light, lots of different colors, with several styles blended into one very interesting look!

You can have antiques mixed with contemporary and vases you spent $100's of dollars on mixed with nick-knacks you spent 50 cents on at a garage sale! Everything goes and goes together! Just BE yourself!  Be sure to check out our best selling products in home decor!

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  Five Fun Tips:

1) Size: Take note of the size of a room. When you shop furniture can appear larger or smaller depending on how it is displayed. Take your measurement with you so you can determine if a new piece will look right.

2) Go With the Flow: Watch your traffic patterns in a room. Don't block the doorways, window areas or any natural pathway. Blocking anything makes a person feel trapped not comfortable!

3) Fashion that works: Its great to love a style but make sure it works for you and your family. Do you have children? Then an all white room isn't going to work. Watch out for fads too. Ask yourself before you go with a look or a color how you will like it a few years from now.

4) Color me crazy: How many times have I bought a gallon of paint, put two strokes on and hated it? Too many times (especially yellow) and now I am sample crazy. I look at a sample in the morning, mid-day and evening and see how it changes with my natural lighting. Also, some stores have available really small samples you can try, which I highly recommend. These same stores have even developed no brainer websites that give you professional advice on color coordinating.

5) Accessories are King: If your shopping here, you are most likely looking for that special something that helps a room come together. That's accessorizing! Its fun and exciting. Its where your personality really comes out. Use pictures, candles, plants, garage sale finds and those special nick knack's and watch your rooms come together

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