Art Glass | Painted Glass Candle Cup, Oil Lamp, Ornament
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Art Glass | Painted Glass Candle Cup, Oil Lamp, Ornament

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Art Glass

Two Available 7 Inches Tall

Colored Candle Cups and oil lamps are painted glass.  They are fragile and will scratch or break if misused.  Candle cups and oil lamps can be washed with warm soapy water, but cannot be scrubbed with rough or abrasive cleaning agents.  


Adjust wick of oil lamp to a height level with the top of the glass wick holder before lighting.  After lighting flame should be barely visible.  As oil lamp becomes warm the flame will grow to provide a pleasant glow.  If any smoke is present extenguish flame.  Then reduce height of wick until no smoke is present after lighting.  Failure to follow these instructions could cause a fire hazard and result in smoke and soot damage.  I personally would use the art glass as a decoration or holder for essentials oils with a diffuser reed stick. If wanting to light then only use paraffin lamp oil.  

Olfactory aromatherapy

Inhalation of essential oils has given rise to olfactory aromatherapy, where simple inhalation has resulted in enhanced emotional wellness, calmness, relaxation or rejuvenation of the human body. The release of stress is welded with pleasurable scents which unlock odor memories. Essential oils are complemented to medical treatment and can never be taken as a replacement for it.  DO NOT LIGHT ESSENTIAL OILS - USE AS DIFFUSER ONLY!




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