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Homestead Life Collection
John Imhoff's Homestead Life Collectible Figurines

 About John Imhoff:

John Imhoff CollectiblesThe late John Imhoff, a gifted sculptor, is well known in fine art circles for his limited edition bronzes. His pewter and porcelain sculptures have been successfully marketed for many years by premier gift line companies across the country. Collector's Mart magazine has featured his sculptures; the Friends of Wolves Society has named him Artist of the Year and The World Wildlife Art Festival twice awarded him First Place in the "World Class Sculpture and Bronze Championships."

With the Homestead Life Collection, John Imhoff introduced a line of moderately priced, limited edition sculptures, allowing him to share his talent directly with a new and wider audience. The collection includes all members of a 19th century family of homesteaders, along with their work animals and pets. Each piece represents a moment frozen in time, capturing something of the essence of homestead life.

The series is made of cold cast terra cotta, a new medium that was created especially for his line; its natural earthiness is reminiscent of the land so precious to homesteaders. John was pleased with the way the terra cotta held the extremely fine detail of his original sculptures. Each piece is a limited edition and ensures quality and value.