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Welcome to the Lena Liu Shop. Her mastery of the ancient art of watercolor-on-silk painting creates gardens luxuriant with color and beauty. Butterflies dance on the Flights of Fancy music boxes. Grace your home with Lena Liu's artistry today!

About Lena Liu

Lena Liu is an artist of unparalleled popularity in today's collectibles market - art lovers around the world enjoy the universal and yet personal character of her paintings. Beautiful birds, tranquil landscapes, and breathtaking floral and musical still lifes are among her collectors' favorites.

Lena had her first painting lessons as a child in Taiwan under the guidance of renowned painters Professors Sun Chia-Chin and Huang Chun-Pi. She came to the United States in 1972 to study architecture at the State University of Buffalo, and later did graduate work at the School of Architecture at U.C.L.A. However, her true passion for painting never left her, and in 1977 she began to paint full-time.

Today, avid collectors of her work enjoy it across various media, including limited-edition prints, porcelain collector's plates, ornaments, figurines, music boxes, sculptures, cards, tapestries, bookmarks, and calendars. Lena has achieved recognition at national shows and exhibits. She was honored by the Collector's Information Bureau (CIB) as Best Plate Artist of the Year and as Collector's Choice Artist of the Year. She was also honored by the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers (NALED) as Artist of the Year. She was named the Canadian Artist of the Year at the Canadian Collectible of the Year Awards. She was also an inaugural inductee into the prestigious Bradford Exchange Plate Artist Hall of Fame.

Lena spends time in her garden where she attains inspiration for many of her paintings. She also loves to watch the birds that live around her home and studio. Although Lena appreciates the loveliness of all birds, she admits to liking chickadees the most, "maybe because they remind me of small children, with their round little bodies and cute expressions."