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Lladró and Nao Figurines

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Nao is a separate line of figurines created by Lladró. It first originated in 1968.  Nao pieces are intended to be simpler and more modest in design than regular Lladró figurines.

Typically, Nao pieces are less expensive.

How do you show collectibles?

Arranging and rearranging your collectible figurines is one of the pleasures of home ownership. Unless they are very fragile, they can be blended into the decor of any room. Fragile pieces can be placed in a glass cabinet where people can easily see them.

One way to show your collectibles is to group them together by the material of manufacture. You can group all your porcelain, glass, resin, or metal figurines in a few places. You can even subdivide them. In that instance, bisque porcelain figurines are on one shelf of your display cabinet, bone china figurines are on the mantle piece, pewter figurines are on another shelf in a display case, and brass figurines are on a side table. If you are the type of person who only collects deer figurines, no matter what they are made of, you may want to group them all in one place as well. How you show off your collection is up to you.