Office and School Supplies


It’s time to shop great deals for Back to School.
At One Great Shop you can get everything you need for back to school and playtime for him and her. Whether you’re in grammar or middle school, high school, just starting college, or looking to finish your 4 years in university strong, we’ve got you covered! 

Paper shredders can help you effectively dispose of sensitive documents and protect your personal information.

Calculators are essential devices for ensuring that mathematical tasks are performed with accuracy, whether at home, school or the office. 

Whether you plan on using a projector to watch heart-thumping action flicks or to keep things professional in business meetings, choose projectors with high resolution, contrast ratio and brightness values to ensure all images and text are displayed the way they were intended to be.

Projector Screens
Projector screens range in size from ultracompact to extremely expansive to accommodate small, cramped areas or for placement in massive auditoriums. With tripod, motorized, manual pull-down and tabletop options, it's easy to find a screen to suit any setup.

Work anywhere at any time by choosing from our large selection of laptops.   Choosing a laptop computer that's right for you shouldn't be difficult.  Browse Laptops at Free shipping and free returns on eligible items.

Scanners turn your images, printed text and objects into digital files quickly and easily so you can share, edit, file and print them. Most are flatbed scanners, which allow you to simply place your document on the glass and scan with one touch, while a portable scanner gives you the flexibility to scan items such as documents, receipts and business cards when you’re on the go. Find a wide variety of document scanners at Office Depot with both black and white and color scanning capabilities.

Label Makers and Tapes
Label makers will help you keep everything at home or in the office organized and identified, including file folders, boxes and equipment. Depending on your needs, choose either a portable handheld model for easy mobility, or expand your options with a device that is compatible with a PC or Mac.

Cash Registers and Supplies
Keep your retail operations running smoothly with our selection of cash registers and supplies. Whether you're looking for a POS system, a receipt printer, cash drawer, or essential supplies, we offer solutions that will streamline your transactions no matter what the sales volume.

Time Clocks
Time clocks will help you effectively manage and record employee time and attendance. We offer a selection of manual and electronic timekeeping systems suitable for any size of workplace, from a few workers to hundreds. From systems recording time on time cards, to more advanced solutions featuring magnetic badges or fingerprint or facial recognition technology, you're sure to find the right fit for your workplace.

Binding Equipment
If you want to make your documents and reports look polished and professional, choose from our selection of binding equipment. From comb binding machines to thermal binding systems to binding combs, spines and covers, you'll find everything you need to make your reports and proposals look impressive at your next presentation.

Laminating machines are useful for home, school and office use, suitable for making a variety of documents look polished and professional, while keeping them protected from fingerprints, spills, dust and other mishaps. Use a laminating machine for signs, photos, menus, or other items to enhance your projects and make them suitable for long-lasting use or display.