Skincare | Facial Cleansers

The Benefits of Facial Cleansers

The most important role for facial cleansers is to gently rid the skin of dirt and debris, surface bacteria and environmental toxins. The initial effect is soothed, relaxed skin. Skin texture softens and evens out, while dry skin, blemishes and wrinkles are reduced.

Cleansers also have a balancing effect during the changing seasons. During winter, our skin tends to dry out; in summer, it produces excess oil. Facial cleansers work to maintain moisture when it's cold, then reduce oil excretions when the weather is hot.

There are different cleansers for every skin condition out there.  Anti-Aging Cleansers, Pore Reducing Cleansers, Moisturizing Facial Cleansers and Cleansers for Sensitive Skin to name a few.  Take a look at the many different cleansers that we offer and select the perfect one for you.