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  "19th Hole" Personalized Golf Bag-Shaped Porcelain Stein

Golf Stein

Heirloom Porcelain® stein features golf club topper, golf ball thumb rest and Glen Green artwork. Personalize it with 3 letters.

Measures 10" H; holds 23 oz

 Can't get enough of the greens? A refreshing hole-in-one is just a sip away with the 19th Hole golf bag stein. This unique Heirloom Porcelain® stein is carefully handcrafted to look exactly like a golf bag. What's more, it can be personalized with your initials or an up-to-3-letter word of your choice, creating a handsome one-of-a-kind statement of golfing devotion.

The serene golfing imagery of acclaimed artist Glen Green is showcased on both sides of this distinctive golf collectible, while 22K gold accents provide a game-winning gleam. "Filled" with sculptural irons and woods on the topper, this stein even features a golf-ball thumb rest. A must for those passionate about golfing, the 19th Hole Personalized Golf Bag Stein also makes a great gift "fore" your favorite golfer. For more information or to order ...