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Miss Martha Originals – All God’s Children Collectibles

Martha Holcombe-Root is the artist responsible for the beautiful Miss Martha Original items. These wonderful creations were the result of a tragedy at the church Martha attended. The roof of that church developed a leak and her pastor challenged her to find a way to help raise money to repair the roof. After praying about the problem, Martha was inspired and she began making a soft, sculptured doll.

Her dolls were so popular that people began asking her for the patterns so that they could make their own dolls. That's when Martha came up with the idea to market the pattern. She decided to place an ad in a craft magazine and to use the name she was called by the children she taught in Sunday School -- “Miss Martha” and to finish it off, she added the word “Original.” And so the “Miss Martha Original” name was launched. It took here 3 months to make the first pattern which was called “Lisa”.

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