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 Some of Giuseppe Armani most popular figurines are his recreations of classic Disney characters. Here we showcase our favorites such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Lady and the Tramp, Jiminy Cricket, Figaro, Little Mermaid's Flounder and Sebastian and of course the lovable characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  Shop now to add to or start your collection.

Giuseppe Armani-Disney Figurine Lady and the Tramp 1829-C
Lady & The Tramp
Giuseppe Armani-Disney Showcase-Little Mermaid Figurine Flounder and Sebastian 918-C
Little Mermaid
Disney Giuseppe Armani Mickey Mouse & Minnie Figurine
Mickey and Minnie
Giuseppe Armani-Disney Showcase-Pinocchio Figurine Jiminy Cricket 379-C
Jiminy Cricket
Walt Disney Giuseppe Armani Figurine Collection "Figaro" #2021c Florence Italy
Giuseppe Armani - Minnie Mouse Nurse - Disney Showcase Collection
Minnie Mouse Nurse

Armani Snow White Disney Figurines