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Child's Homeopathic Health

Child Supplements

Kiddie Florish™ for Improved Appetite in Children

Promotes a healthy appetite and digestive system in picky eaters. Supports appetite, constitution, stamina and energy levels for fussy eaters.  


Relieves symptoms of childhood separation anxiety, reduces nervousness, clingy behavior and worry in kids from separation of parents or caregivers.  


Childhood Eczema Symptoms

Soothes symptoms of transient skin flare-ups in children with eczema or atopic dermatitis. Soothes itching, weeping and skin roughness.  

Childhood Bedwetting

Temporarily reduces bedwetting and nervousness in children. Reduces bedwetting episodes, supports bladder health promotes healthy self-esteem.  

Childhood Sleep Support

Relieves occasional sleeplessness and restlessness in toddlers and children. Helps reduce bedtime battles, encourages relaxation for better sleep.  

AromaSleep™ Essential Oil Blend

Relaxing, calming and sedating properties can be found in the floral, citrus, sweet and woody aroma of this essential oil blend.  


Tic Tamer™ for Muscle Spasms & Jerking

Temporarily relieves symptoms of involuntary motor and verbal tics, rapid shrugging, eye blinking or darting, head jerking, and tongue clicking.  

Acne Symptoms

Reduces symptoms of acne vulgaris including redness, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads on the face and body. Encourages regulation of skin oils.

Bowel Regularity in Children

Assists with occasional constipation in babies and children. Encourages regular bowel movements without causing unnecessary stress.  

Facial Redness

Temporarily reduces the appearance of tiny red bumps on the face and nose, facial redness, and flushing. Promotes smooth skin and even skin tone.  

 Psoriasis Relief

Temporarily relieves patchy, flaky, inflamed and itchy skin related to psoriasis. Reduces the frequency of psoriasis flare-ups.   


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