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Child's Homeopathic Health

MindSoothe Jr.™ for Childhood Emotional Balance
Promotes emotional wellness and a balanced mood in children. Supports a well-adjusted outlook, reasonable attitude and feelings of motivation. 

Serenite Jr.™ for Restful Sleep in Children
Promotes nighttime calm, restful sleep and healthy sleep patterns in children. Helps settle occasional nighttime restlessness and fussiness.  

MoodCalm™ for Mood Swings & Emotional Balance
Temporarily relieves symptoms of mood swings, temper and anger outbursts, manic episodes, uncharacteristic hyper, hostile or irritated behavior.  

Melancholy Lift™ for Sadness & Grief
Temporarily reduces feelings of grief, relieves weepiness and episodes of tears. Supports emotional balance during times of sorrow and grief.  

Attention Problems & Hyperactivity
Temporarily relieves symptoms of inattention, distractibility, hyperactivity, erratic or impulsive behavior,twitching, spasms or noises.  

PureCalm™ for Naturally Soothed Nerves
Helps promote feelings of calm during times of pressure, stress, or nervous tension. Supports soothed nerves, balanced emotions and harmony.  

Cali-Brate™ for Brain & Emotional Balance
Supports cognitive & emotional balance and functioning in children & adults. Supports an even mood, emotional harmony and cognitive function.  

Focus Formula™ for Concentration & Mental Focus
Promotes focus, improved concentration, attentiveness, attention span, staying on task, memory, mental clarity and information retention.  

Immune Support
Promotes healthy immune functioning in children. Supports healthy immunity and immune system function in developing immune systems.  

Tantrum Tamer™ for Childhood Temper Outbursts
Temporarily calms and soothes fiery tempers, tantrums and restlessness in children. Relieves frustration and stubbornness, supports compromise.  

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