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Women's Homeopathic Health

Natural herbal supplements and homeopathic medicine for women's health. Find products for stress, sexual health, hormonal balance, help during pregnancy, and more.

Women's Homeopathic Supplements

 UTI-Clear™ for Urinary Tract Health
Supports bladder and urinary tract health and function. Promotes toxin elimination, systemic flushing, healthy urination frequency.  More Info

VertiFree™ Tablets for Common Vertigo Symptoms
Temporarily relieves common vertigo symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, sweating, and vomiting along with feelings of dizziness and disorientation.  More Info

Dong Quai for Hormonal Balance
Supports female hormonal balance and emotional health. Helps maintain healthy estrogen and progesterone levels, balances PMS "blues".  More Info


MoodCalm™ for Mood Swings & Emotional Balance
Temporarily relieves symptoms of mood swings, temper and anger outbursts, manic episodes, uncharacteristic hyper, hostile or irritated behavior.  More Info

Candidate™ for Balanced Probiotics
Promotes balanced probiotic flora, pH levels in the body and normal levels of Candida in the digestive tract to avoid Candida albicans overgrowth.  More Info

MellowPause™ Daily for Hormonal Balance Support
Supports reproductive health, hormonal balance, reduces hot flashes, promotes balanced mood and restful sleep during menopause and perimenopause.  More Info

Triple Complex UT Tonic™ for Bladder Irritation
Temporarily relieves symptoms of urinary tract irritation. Soothes the bladder, reduces frequent urination and relieves burning sensations.  More Info

Thanda Passion Booster™ for Healthy Female Libido
Promotes healthy libido, sex drive and desire in women. Promotes libido, stimulates circulation, promotes arousal and pleasurable orgasms.  More Info 

ReGrow Plus™ for Healthy Hair
Encourages circulation to the hair follicle and scalp to nourish and promote healthy hair growth. Discourages age-related hair loss and thinning.  More Info

BladderWell™ Tablets for Improved Bladder Health
Temporarily relieves bladder symptoms of burning, frequent urination and irritation. Supports the muscles of the bladder to retain strength.  More Info

ReGrow Scalp Massage Oil™ for Hair Growth
Support healthy hair growth with this essential oil based herbal massage oil. Nourish the scalp and hair follicles, slow age related hair loss.  More Info

Fertile XX™ for Female Fertility Support
Promotes healthy and regular ovulation, libido and sexual pleasure. Helps maintain menstrual cycle regularity and female reproductive health.  More Info

Endo-Ex™ Daily for Endometrial Health
Promotes a healthy endometrial lining, uterus and fallopian tubes. Supports female reproductive health and regular, normal periods.  More Info

VitaliTonic™ for Energy Support
Promotes healthy energy levels and endurance in adults over 50. Supports routine stamina, performance and vitality in the mature adults.  More Info

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