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Wanda Hendrix Vintage Magazine Cut Out
Wanda Hendrix Magazine Cut Out Clipping

Wanda Hendrix, the diminutive actress who achieved stardom in her teens and played in about 20 movies in the late 1940's and 1950's, died of pneumonia in Burbank, Calif., on Feb. 1.

The 52-year-old Florida-born Miss Hendrix began her acting career as a child and moved to Hollywood at 16, after talent scouts discovered her in the Jacksonville Little Theater.

Her first movie was ''Confidential Agent'' with Charles Boyer, and before she was out of her teens she had starred in several other films, including ''Ride the Pink Horse'' with Robert Montgomery and ''Welcome Stranger'' with Bing Crosby.

Her brief but stormy marriage to James L. Stack, brother of the actor Robert Stack, made headlines when it came to an end in 1958 with both sides charging ''mental cruelty.''

Her earlier marriage to the actor and World War II hero Audie Murphy also ended in a much-publicized divorce. Some of her best-known works include ''The Prince of Foxes,'' with Tyrone Power, ''The Highwayman,'' ''Miss Tatlock's Millions,'' ''Saddle Tramp,'' ''Golden Mask'' and ''Stage to Thunder Rock.''

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