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 Finders Keepers – Bear Imago™

Sculpture (Onyx Finish) BY STEPHEN Bear SculptureHERRERO Cold cast to perfectly emulate an original stone sculpture. Each piece is finished using a palette of rich, deep patinas applied in high gloss to complement the beauty of each design in a striking array of colors.    3-1/2"L x 5"H x 3-1/2"D.                                                                                         

 Bear Stool

 This bear, as sweet as he is, is not a toy but a functioning footrest waiting diligently each day for you to return from work and prop up your feet. This decorative home accent is made of a sturdy yellow pine frame, polyester fill, and acrylic bear "fur" to lend a distinct personality to every piece. Made in USA.18"H x 33"L x 12"W.