Collectibles: 1926 Ford Model T Diecast Fire Truck

Collectibles: 1926 Ford Model T Diecast Fire Truck


1926 Ford Model T Diecast Fire Truck

Finely engineered diecast fire truck is a classic hook and ladder with rolling tires, steerable front wheels, fire hose, hand-applied decals and more.

1:32 scale, measures 6" L

The Ford Model T was one of the most important trucks in firefighting history. Affordable and highly versatile, this vehicle’s chassis was adaptable for a variety of uses, including being equipped with ladders and hoses that lent themselves to modernized firefighting. Now, you can honor this impressive vehicle and the evolution of fire trucks in America with the 1926 Ford Model T Diecast Fire Truck, presented by The Hamilton Collection. Expertly engineered in 1:32 collector scale, this vintage-style diecast fire truck gives you an accurate look at all the bells and whistles of the original, including the historic hook and ladder that was a must-have on every truck.

We’re certain you'll be amazed at the depth of detail on this Ford collectible, from the sturdy diecast metal construction and iconic Model T chassis to the old-fashioned rolling spoked wheels and blazing red finish with chrome-colored trim. The hood opens to reveal a detailed engine compartment. The classic Ford Model T styling is also replicated with operator foot pedals, controls and pressure gauges. It recreates the spotlight and bell that helped alert others to emergency situations as well as water tanks with pressure gauges. The hose bed holds a recreated fire hose, a crucial tool that allowed firefighters to save the day. Hand-applied decals help to identify the fire truck's station, and a fire axe is added as a reminder of an essential tool that assisted in the safe, rapid and efficient extraction of people and goods. This 1:32-scale diecast fire truck arrives housed atop a sturdy base to secure its rugged good looks for generations to come.

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