Amazon's Top Beauty Products Radha Beauty Essential Oil Set

Amazon's Top Beauty Products Radha Beauty Essential Oil Set


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Radha Beauty Essential Oil Set

Whether you need a mood-lifter or a sleep-inducer, this set of eight therapeutic essential oils is an Amazon favorite for its affordability and variety. Nearly 12,000 reviewers have given it an impressive average rating of 4 stars.

Product description

The Aromatherapy Top 8 Essential Oil Set has eight (10 mL each) essential oils. One of the many things we love about essential oils is their versatility. The oils can be used individually or combined for aromatherapy, skin healing and conditioning, and even repelling insects! Great for traveling, gifts, or experiencing a little bit of everything in your oil collection.

(1). Lavender: The essence of pure calmness and relaxation with a light, uplifting scent

(2). Peppermint: Calming aroma will liven up the mind, body, and soul

(3). Tea Tree: Antiseptic properties, invigorating and refreshing scent

(4). Eucalyptus: Naturally anti-inflammatory, great for the sinus and its refreshing scent

(5). Lemongrass: A great herb for inducing relaxation and balance for the mind

(6). Orange: Promotes positive attitudes and induces relaxation for a calm spirit

(7). Frankincense: Aids in relaxation and sleep, rebalances the mind

(8). Rosemary: Stimulates hair growth, regulates oily and dry skin



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