Irish Ornament Claddagh Ornament Irish Snowflake Ornament

Irish Ornament Claddagh Ornament Irish Snowflake Ornament

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  • GREAT IRISH GIFT. Beautiful claddagh ornament. Great gift for any Irish family member or irish friend.
  • IRISH HERITAGE. Celebrate your irish heritage with this beautiful ornament shaped like a snowflake. Pretty filigree design with white and green enamel.
  • IRISH CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT. Green and clear crystals adorn this beautiful Irish ornament.
  • IRISH SNOWFLAKE. Message on gift box tells the meaning of 6 points on snowflake
  • Ornament measures 3" x 3"


Details: Irish Claddagh Snowflake Ornament. Attractive gift box has the following message: When Irish snowflakes fall to earth, 'Tis a special gift, its true. And the six points on this snowflake, bring heartfelt wishes for you: FAMILY that loves you, FRIENDS gathered 'round, And plenty of FOOD on your table. Good FORTUNE be yours, With a FUTURE that's bright, and FAITH to keep your life stable! The snowflake is 3" X 3".

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