Home Decor | Cobalt Blue Art Glass Depression Style Jars
Home Decor | Cobalt Blue Art Glass Depression Style Jars

Home Decor | Cobalt Blue Art Glass Depression Style Jars

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Color: Cobalt Blue


  • ✔ UNCOMPROMISABLE QUALITY -hermetic airtight seal made of a rubber material which prolongs freshness of food items; airtight containers are mouse proof and keeps bugs and moisture out; the gasket, included your purchase, is easy enough to open and close; hand wash is recommended.
  • ✔ REMARKABLE FEATURES - the glass jars is easy to clean ! A sturdy wire holds the lid in place so that it doesn't fall off
  • ✔ ULTRA STRONG AND SAFE GLASS - Glass jars are thick and sturdy rich yet not heavy:clear glass helps ascertain whether running low on staples so that you can always be fully stocked; food does not take on any plastic smell due to its high quality glass unlike cheap plastic jars.
  • ✔ BASIC KITCHEN STORAGE ORGANIZATION - organize your kitchen cabinets by placing the spice jar on your spice rack, in the pantry or in any cabinet; store bulk candy in this pretty glassware; this is one of your absolutely must-have kitchen appliances for food storage or any other sort of storage like fermenting; square shape takes up less room in refrigerator and cabinets; food containers are even decorative and pretty enough to display on the counter.
  • ✔ PURCHASE INCLUDES - set of 6 round jars 5 oz each , you can use them as cookie jar and candy jar / candy dispenser on a candy table; use as an apothecary jar or candle jars for a romantic decor to display;

Publisher: HC

Details: The glass canisters jars truly is reputable, and here's exactly why; It is built with a durable glass that is thick yet light weight at the same time. The glass has an airtight seal made of rubber, so that you can also use this jar for canning / fermenting. It features a wide mouth so bottom of jar can be reached easily.The wide mouth is perfect for cleaning and reaching the last pieces at the end of the jar. The design of this jar is so pretty, that you'll want to display it outside instead of keeping it inside your cabinet


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