Skincare Cream | Cream with Co Enzyme Q10 by Colose
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Skincare Cream | Cream with Co Enzyme Q10 by Colose

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Colose Q10 Face Cream

This anti-aging skin care cream contains Co-enzyme Q10 which is naturally present in each cell of the human body. The enzyme begins to decrease after the age of 20 along with its properties of energizing and protecting. It is believed by scientists that this enzyme has a key role in the aging process. Co Q10 is important for the health of cells and is particularly vital for the skin.

Because of its synergy with Vitamins C and E, Q10 neutralizes free radicals thus reducing wrinkles and their development.

Our Night Cream Multi-Active also contains Jojoba oil, known to protect the skin against dehydration along with Shea butter, a soothing emulient and antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E.

In the evening, apply generously on cleansed skin, Massage into the skin and remove excess with a cotton ball or tissue.

Regularly applied, Night Cream Multi-Active delays the premature aging process.


50ml The Colosé Brand is Manufactured in Switzerland by Cosmetique Sa Worben and shipped to you exclusively from the USA by Make-Up USA


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