Perfect Finish Concealer Light Warm 1 Bren New York Cosmetics
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Cosmetics | Cream Concealer Cover Stick Light Warm 1 Bren New York

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Cream Concealer Sticks

Perfect Finish Cream Concealer Sticks

Bren New York

Shade:  Light Warm 1 (LW1) 

This easy-to-blend formula glides on smooth and dries to a matte finish, flawlessly matching your skin tone and covering up imperfections. The slim packaging is portable and makes application easy.

2.5 grams Made in USA

Warm Color Group

  • Your hair is naturally black or brown (brown with reddish or copper flecks). Your eyes are brown, and your complexion is olive or golden and tans easily
  • Your natural hair ranges from light, golden to dark blonde, your eyes are dark brown and your skin is golden or olive and tans easily
  • Your hair is naturally red or light auburn with dark blonde flecks. Your eyes are either green or brown, and your skin tone is beige, tanning easily
  • Your hair is naturally a reddish to golden brown, your eye color is blue and your complexion is light beige, tanning easily

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