Duck Decoys | Bluebill Drake Decoy by Phil Galatas
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Duck Decoys | Bluebill Drake Decoy by Phil Galatas

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Bluebill Drake Duck Decoy

The male Blue-billed Duck has a bright blue bill and a black head and neck. By comparison females are quite plain they are dark grey all over. Blue-billed Ducks have a short spiny tail. They don't fly much but when they do, this tail can be used to recognise them in the air. On the wing, Blue Bills appear as very dark birds with no color patches or contrasting plumage. The neck and tail also look very short. They are a totally protected species. Blue Bills are one of the diving ducks and they prefer deep water swamps with plenty of cover. The female hasn't got the bright color of the male or the blue bill. The unusual tail feathers tell you at once that it is one of the stifled tailed ducks. The color of the male's bill fades after the breeding season, so it sometimes seems very pale. The white feathers below the tail are not always visible as Blue Bills often float very low in the water.

4,500 signed and numbered editions
12"L x 6-1/2"H

About The Artist: Phil Galatas is a world class carver who has spent countless hours observing and studying waterfowl on the bayous of his native Louisiana. World class decoys for the world class collector! From the studios of a champion carver, these handsome birds are handcast, meticulously detailed and hand-painted. Realistic accents include precise feathering.

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