Duck Decoys | Cinnamon Teal Decoy by Phil Galatas

Duck Decoys | Cinnamon Teal Decoy by Phil Galatas



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Cinnamon Teal Duck Decoy

The Cinnamon Teal is something of an enigma; for it bears much resemblance to the Blue-winged Teal, yet has much in common with the Shoveler. The Cinnamon Teal obtains its food by using its well developed lamellae located at the sides of its bill for sifting small plants and animals out of the water. Cinnamon Teal are often parasitized by Redheads; in some areas, up to one quarter of the eggs in a Cinnamon Teal's nest belong to a parasitic duck. 

9-1/2"L x 5-1/2"H

About The Artist: Phil Galatas is a world class carver who has spent countless hours observing and studying waterfowl on the bayous of his native Louisiana. World class decoys for the world class collector! From the studios of a champion carver, these handsome birds are handcast, meticulously detailed and hand-painted. Realistic accents include precise feathering.

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