Duck Decoys | Quarter Size Mallard Decoy 1/4 Size by Sam Nottleman

Duck Decoys | Quarter Size Mallard Decoy 1/4 Size by Sam Nottleman

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1/4 Life Size Duck Decoy


By Sam Nottleman

Size: 8"L x 4"W x 4"H

Noted artist and avid conservationist, Sam Nottleman's meticulous attention to detail and accurate knowledge of waterfowl is clearly evident in his hand-carved decoys. The mallard is beautifully replicated and perfectly proportioned for desktop or shelf. The decorative decoy is hand cast and authentically hand-painted.

About The Artist: Sam Nottleman Master Carver

Born along the banks of the Mississippi River in Southeastern Minnesota, Sam's appreciation and love of the outdoors began literally at birth.  Fascinated by the annual migrations of waterfowl and songbirds along the Mississippi Flyway corridor, Sam excels at expressing his appreciation of nature through his skills as an artist and master woodcarver.

Graduating from Winona State University in 1972 with a BA in Art, Sam had already begun a 33 year career as a professional musician.  At first the music and the road served as a distraction, keeping Sam from his drawing and carving.  However it was not long before his passion for the birds again made its presence known and Sam began carving as a way to unwind after an exhausting performance on stage.  It was during this period of time Sam's carving skills really developed. From his personal observations, and an extensive collection of mounted birds as a reference, his carvings became ever more detailed and unique.  Now known throughout the country for his anatomically correct positions and lifelike details, today he continues to push the carving envelope with new lifelike sculptures in fascinating poses.  Sam joined Loon Lake Decoy Company as Master Carver and business partner in the spring of 1992.  Retiring from the music industry in 1996, carving is now both his passion and profession.

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