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Heart For Heart Girls

Heart For Hearts Girls Mosi Native American Style, USA Doll

Heart For Hearts Girls Mosi Native American Style, USA Doll

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  • Mosi - the girl who walks two paths.
  • She is determined to keep the stories and traditions of her culture alive while being a girl living in a modern world.
  • Hearts For Hearts Girls mission is to inspire girls to celebrate diversity, be agents of change in their lives, and positively impact the lives of those in their community, and ultimately the world!
  • For each doll purchased - Hearts For Hearts Girls donates $1.00 to World Vision to support their humanitarian programs that better the lives of those in each dolls represented country.
  • Mosi is a 14" 100% vinyl doll with long wavy black hair, a bright pattern red dress and a blue feather in her hair. She comes with a girl sized friendship bracelet, comb and a story book about her life.
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