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Kindi Kids Fun Backpack

Kindi Kids Fun Backpack

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    • Pack up the Kindi Kids Owl Petkin Backpack and get your Kindi Kid ready for a fun day at Rainbow Kindi
    • Includes 3 Exclusive Shopkins: a clip-on Bag Tag, a magic disappearing juice Sippy Cup, and a pack of Peek-A-Boo Crayons
    • The Kindi Kids can "drink" the juice from the Sippy Cup Hold it up to the Kindi Kids mouth, tip the Sippy cup up, and watch the juice magically disappear
    • The Owl Petkin Backpack fits 2 Shopkins inside, and holds the juice in a side cup holder
    • Perfect for fitting on the back of Kindi Kids as they make their way to Kindergarten
    • Pair with the Kindi Fun Puppy Lunch Box so your Kindi Kids are ready for a fun day
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