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Skincare | Colosé Cleansing Lotion | Lotion de Nettoyage

Skincare | Colosé Cleansing Lotion | Lotion de Nettoyage

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Skincare Cleansers

Colosé Cleansing Lotion

Oily skin, black heads and cutaneous lesions affect all age groups, but most often these skin impurities occur during puberty. The impurities can be triggered by hormones, abnormal accumulation of skin cells and over production of oil in skin pores. Pores become clogged enabling bacteria to grow. When not correctly treated, these blemishes could result in permanent scarring.

The cleansing lotion, which is an efficient acne cleanser, replaces soap. Use faithfully every morning and evening by applying a generous amount to face and neck with fingertips. Work into a fine lather and leave on skin for approximately five minutes. Avoid direct eye contact. Wash off with luke warm water with either cotton balls or clean damp cloth. 

Especially recommended for teenagers with acne and oily skin.

150 ml Manufactured in Switzerland by Cosmetique Sa Worben and shipped to you from the USA by One Great Shop


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